Question about Upload File Types

Hello LS,

Almost the new year! Congrats on all your success!!!

Do you think you will allow users in the future to upload video files? I have been thinking about doing some 5 min F360 CAD tutorials for beginner users. I had some good feedback on the Facebook group and thought our forum might be appropriate for it to.

Thanks guys! Happy New Year!


Any and all videos would be helpful and appreciated, still struggling to learn 360! Let’s see what you have!

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I second that I’m very green to he world of CAD / CAM what CAD i have messed with was over 15 yrs ago.

Tom, just a thought here, wouldn’t it be better to upload to Youtube so there could be all be found in one place? This would also allow people to subscribe to your page and get notified when you post a new video. All videos could be posted and linked from this site.


I have thought about youtube and I just might. Make sure you guys join the facebook group langmuir crossfire owners group. It is small but it has potential. I just did a video on how to replicate a saw blade using the circular pattern feature.

I’ll give youtube some more thought. :slight_smile:

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