Question about my hypertherm

I have a hypertherm plasma cutter. Its a bit older but i was looking on the back and it has a port as shown below. Will the hypertherm cpc cable they sell on the site work with this port? My plasma cutter is a powermax 1000 g3 series. If it will not can anyon help me find what i need. Was hoping i didnt have to splice into my torch. Was saving it for a last resort.

On the website it has a compatibility list I didn’t see it . Go double check to make sure though.

Go to the store link click on the cable there is the list.

Also says must use a machine torch not sure if there is a work around either way.

@SpartanMotorsports if you search hypertherm 1000 above there’s a few threads on the topic. A few users have been successful using the hypertherm 1000 .I also believe you can get a Duramax torch retrofit kit for that unit.

I’ll see if I can find the model number.

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Your 1000 CPC port is set up differently then the Langmuir cable. If you can change the pins on the cable to mach your wiring it would work. But as stated you would need to use a machine torch (costly) or rewire your hand torch.


Here’s the link for a Duramax machine torch. It’ll give you access to their very standard very good consumables.

800 bucks is a little spendy

Here’s some information right off the hypertherm website about that retrofit torch.

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I think I read a little while ago it doesn’t have the 50 to 1 pins is that correct?

I believe you can run the sync consumables with an adapter with that retrofit kit on your hypertherm 1000.

Reminds me of the time that we had an 8-track to cassette adapter which had a cassette to CD adapter in it. We definitely had music from the CD player coming out the speakers.

They say going with the duramax torch retrofit kit it will get 55% better consumable life. So that might be a consideration of how fast you can pay down that $800.

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Ok you are getting ready to tell your age. Sadly I can remember 8 tracks and vinyl records too


I am not really sure about that. You would have to look it up in your manual or call Hypertherm.

I remember 4 tracks and 78’s

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As the Farmer said to his son, who was looking out at the flock of sheep, “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should!”


So would it be easier to just use the splice kit that comes with the kit to splice into my hand torch?

Easier maybe faster maybe. Better maybe not. If done correctly nothing wrong with splicing I did it. A torch upgrade you may consider now or later it is a sell off if consumables last longer.

I looked really quick I recommend you search hypertherm 1000 on this site lots of information.

Looked like you may need to repin to use the cpc cable. If what I read is right it doesn’t have the 50 to1 divided pins either. You will have to operate on your machine either way

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here is a 50’ lead version for $860

You young’uns missed the good old days. Muntz Blue Light 4 track!

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