Question about alternative CAM soft ware?

As most know; I use BOBCAD for my drawings I did not purchase the CAM portion… I use Fusion360 for the CAM. If Confusion360 is going to be pay or no play, I would like to know what is a good alternative program. Something that my Brain can absorb fairly easy! I am 30yr short of 100… I have heard about many different ones’ from the Forum. If I have to pay a little that is fine but $500.00 a year is toooo much!!

Why wouldn’t you just use sheetcam its just a one time purchase and works well.


I am considering SheetCam. What is the cost? Is this the one associated with Lamgmuir?

Its like $150 and langmuir has the post processer download on there site for the motion control for sheetcam.

If you buy though Langmuir it is $140.00. You can find it in Langmuir’s store.

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Thank you @Fortifyfabworks and @stinker337