QCAD/CAM post processor


Has anybody written a post processor for the Crossfire Pro using Hypertherm 45XP on QCAD/CAM? Sure would be nice to bypass using a 3rd piece of software and 2 laptops.

Thanks, Gary.

Step 1: Get the documentation on CF Pro G-Code commands.
Step 2: Modify a similar QCad/CAM post processor to match… oh wait, there is no documentation on the CF Pro G-Code commands… huh.

Lol, Would love to know how to write code but didn’t take computer science. Anyway, I’m still plugging away at QCAD/CAM. Software from a design point of view is quite nice for 2D but the CAM side is rudimentary. If you’re a software developer that would be no problem. I’m really trying not to go the 3 software solution deal but may have to if someone can’t help me out.

You might get an idea of what to do in a post processor by looking at the FireControl post processor for SheetCam. It’s fairly readable and a side by side comparison with QCad’s Generic G-Code Post Processor might give you some insights.

I don’t have a FireControl system so I’d have no way to test a PP… Sorry.

Frankly, after looking at the QCad/CAM description and seeing that it costs 89 euro, IMO you would be FAR better off getting SheetCam. It costs a bit more, but it is WORLDs more mature and capable for your Plasma Cutter than anything you’ll get for QCad in the foreseeable future.
Oh, and it’s available NOW :smiley:

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It isn’t the same thing. SheetCam isnt’ design software. I’m using QCAD to do my 2D drawings which works just fine and is much cheaper than the Fusion path. The hope was to be able to use the CAM side of QCAD for tool path generation and post output. It does the toolpath generation fine however the list of post processors does not include Langmuir for now. That would be a far more elegant solution than going the SheetCam route just as Fusin 360 has done.

The CAM part of QCAD is EXACTLY the same thing as SheetCam, with less capability than SheetCam.

However, you are right about one thing, the QCAD/CAM is a bundle for 89 Euro. With QCAD by itself at 33 Euro, that makes the CAM addon only 56 Euro. I’ll still take SheetCam over any other CAM tool I’ve used.

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