Pulling the trigger

Got you thinking didn’t I. I am new to the forum and thinking about pulling the trigger on a Crossfire. I just want to be sure. Are you all happy with your Crossfire or have any regrets.
I have a Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 38. Without looking it up, I think it has a sever cut of 1/2". My air compressor is small. A Craftsman 33 gallon with 1.5hp single stage. It has done ok when free hand cutting with my plasma, but can’t go real long. May have to upgrade that at some point.
What do you all think?
Give me your honest thoughts and opinions.

Hi, My biggest regret is i didnt come across the adv for it sooner. I love it. If your not used to mach3 or fusion 360 that was a big pain for me but im getting the hang of it and having a blast. I had a 60 gallon 3hp compressor allready. Take into mind your compressor. a pc to control the table,a really good one if your going to use it for mach3 and fusion 360. an air dryer if you dont have one allready, Mach3 will need the full version purchased. The water tray if your in a smaller building or dont want to make a mess on your floor. keeps smoke down alot also. If you like to tinker and make things im sure you wont regret it if you get one. The wait is the biggest complaint i see. But there making them pretty fast and i feel there worth the wait.

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Be prepared they can take up to 2 months to receive from date of purchase. As for your air compressor I believe you will need one with at least 7CFM’s and as Jim says air dryer depending your states humidity will determine the type and size.

I’ve got a really good laptop, so that part is covered. I don’t know squat about the programs that are used, but that I can learn (I think). I will eventually upgrade my compressor, but will start with some small projects first. I love to be in my shop. 24x36 heated and it seems a bit small at times,

Sounds like all you lack is…Pulling the trigger. If you decide to order. spend that waiting time on watching videos on every aspect of it all. table, mach3, fusion…you can download the trial mach 3 and play with it. Fusion you can get a 30 day trial or if doing as a hobby type thing you can get it for free. Good luck either way.

On the laptop you only need a good one for the fusion 360. I have an inexpensive laptop from BestBuy and I do mean inexpensive attached to my table. Mach 3 doesn’t need much PC power at all.

Air is critical both clean and dry with emphasis on dry. Small tanks and compressors just seem to compound the moisture problem. If you are cutting anything sizable it is pretty supersizing how much air you will use. I mean it is like have a hose of your compressor regulated down to 70 PSI (flowing) so picture that with a blower nozzle? will you compressor keep up.

There are multiple ways to dry your air but as mentioned about if you live in a humid area that will compound issues that are sometimes seasonal.

I have no issues with water with my system and don’t have a dryer in the system but my piping is well laid out system with multiple filters and water separators in the system. With all that said at some point I will add a dryer.

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Mine has paid for itself…yeah my slats look like Godzilla skin but i can change them out lol.

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You might want to check out the owners map to see if someone has listed themselves near you so you can maybe get to see one operating in real life.

Looks like 36 of us on the map at this point

Well, I pulled the trigger today. Crossfire with water table and full version of Fusion. Don’t need the computer stand, I have enough area for that.
Not sure what the next step is in this process as I know nothing about CNC and what to do next.

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Thanks for your order! The advice i give to everyone is download the software and start getting familiar with CAD and CAM. Thanks again!

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The videos help and can get you started.
I can actually draw simple things fairly easy now and have my things cut out quickly.

I have the Razorweld cut 45 and never experienced any of the issues others have reported. I think moisture was to blame for a lot of it and also running the current to high for the tip size.

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So, I download all of the programs?
I ordered the full version of Mach 3, will it know that I paid?
Not sure how this all works quite yet.

Pull the trigger! You won’t regret it!

Edit: I see that you did! Learn as much as you can about the cad and cam side of things. Read about creating a line test. Read about what a plasma cut is supposed to look like and what they are not supposed to look like. Learn what the different types of dross mean. Don’t expect the ipm and amperage settings one guy has to work perfectly for your setup. Order extra material to do test cuts on before cutting your final design. Do not use more amperage then your tips are rated for.

The crossfire table has been one of the best tools I have purchased! You won’t regret adding it to your shop.

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Unfortunately, I had to cancel my order. Shortly after placing the order, some unexpected changes occurred that it was best for me to cancel at this time. Maybe a Crossfire down the road, but for now, this was best.
I will however follow along on the forum.

Ours paid for itself the first day we used it.

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