PTM60 torch for Primeweld cut60

This is the torch I bought for my primeweld cut60. Is this the right one/good one?

Anybody out there running this torch?

I just ordered it. Should be here this week.

Keep me posted with how you like it please. Can’t find a ton of info on it

I’m running it on a primeweld Cut60. Bought it from Mechanic (George)… I believe the one you posted is a knock off? … could be wrong.

Yea he said it’s a copy, but what’s done is done. I didn’t know at the time it wasn’t the real deal, that’s why I’m looking for feedback on it.

@corycarlo, don’t sweat it. I bought the “real” PTM-60 and it turned out to be defective. At the time, George did not have a replacement or an idea when they were coming, so I ended up buying a knock-off PTM-60 replacement head from Everlast’s website. I built a machine torch using a cable from my spare hand torch and some anodized aluminum pipe. Probably the same head that is on your knock-off torch. While I have no support, the torch works fine and is the least of my issues. If you use good quality consumables, I think you will find that you saved a few bucks and have a good, usable torch.

Awesome, good to know! Thanks for the info and the heads up!

i have a gently used PTM-80 machine torch and consumables for sale in Yakima …

Already have the ptm60 torch