PTM 60 torch trouble

Hi, My name is George from Now don’t get your panties in a bunch I am not here to sell anything.

I see people are having trouble with some PTM 60 torch’s not firing after the first cut or won’t refire for the next cut.

Now if your hand torch worked then the PTM torch should work. Unless you bought the real Tecmo PTM 60 torch from Italy odds are it may be a cheaper Chinese copy and not built to the same spec’s . Also Chinese copy/aftermarket consumables will cause firing issues. The one aftermarket/copy part I see that causes the most trouble is the retaining cups.

You are not really getting a good deal by buying aftermarket/copy torch’s or consumables for your plasma cutter for use on your CNC table. Not using the right consumables and air pressure for the thickness or kind of metal being cut will cause troubles also.

If you would like to ask me questions about plasma cutters, torch’s or consumables I will do my best to help you. Phone calls work very well for this as I type with 2 fingers and it could take some time to get the answer posted.


Glad to see you here George!

I do have one question, a little unrelated to the original topic but, I’m hoping to pull the trigger on getting a ptm-60 torch here soon. Do you happen to know what the outside diameter of the torch body is? I’m trying to get the mounts figured out…

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For those that don’t know, George is the man when it comes to plasma cutters.


Couldn’t agree more!

I don’t know about others, but the Tecmo ones I sell are 1.380

Some vendors list the torch body in MM, 35 mm or 1.380 seems to be the industry standard as I added the Trafimet S45 Autocut torch to my razorweld 45

Yes most CNC torch’s are the same size or close. The PTM 60 torch has more of a choice of consumables over the S45M.

So would buying Tecmo consumables help my Chinese torch?

Maybe, but that would all depend on what torch you have. The consumables may not fit your torch.

OK, I’ll have to look into it more. My torch is a Chinese version. I’ll contact the guy I bought it from. I have a feeling that I’ll be buying a new one. Do you know if there is a machine torch for the razorweld 45 that uses the 45xp consumables?

There is “NO” torch for the Razorweld that uses 45XP consumables. Of course it would help to know what torch you have.

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I have a Ptm 60 machine torch

Is it the IPTM60 or the PTM60? does the torch head look like this

I’ll take a look when I get home. It looks similar.

Yep same one. Also I get these arc marks around the inside of the tips. That’s why I was leaning towards bad consumables.

Well it looks like the original consumables will work on that torch. You will get arc marks on all these types of consumables, because that is were the electrode and cutting tip start the arc from. The electrode is negative and the cutting tip is positive. When you pull the trigger the air pushes the electrode back and it arcs like a set of points to start the pilot arc, the more times it triggers the more it arcs.

Awesome! Thanks George, I really appreciate the help. Do you have a link to your store so I can buy some? Also I know its important to have the swirl ring facing the right direction. What are the symptoms of having it in the wrong way. I thought I saw a post on it but I can’t seem to find it.

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