PTM-60 Machine Torch with a Everlast 82i?

Can I use a prime weld PTM-60 machine torch on a Everlast 82i plasma cutter? I’m looking to run smaller tips for more detailed cuts on thin gauge sheet metal. Based on my research it looks like I might have to move the pins in the central connector on the PTM-60 torch to match the pins in the Everlast.

Hey @mechanic416 George…you are the man for this?..

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Yes the torch will work. As you said it will have to be wired for the Everlast.

Hey Mikey, It looks like im a bit late to the party here but Everlast sells both 0.8mm and 0.9mm nozzles on there website. As 30amps is the lowest the machine can be set to the 0.8mm tips are the smallest i would recommend you go as they are rated for 30amps max. Im not sure why anyone would go to a ptm 60 torch and then need to keep up with 2 different style consumables.

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Did you figure out what you had to change? I am trying to figure out if it will work on my machine

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Yes, it will. I use a PTM 60 on my 82i.

Did you have to change anything? I am getting the e04 error like when my hand held ipt60 nozzle is loose and not contacting the two pins.

It the PTM or IPTM or IPT 60 torch is wired for the newer Everlast plasma cutters it wil be a plug and play. I think you mean the retaining cup is loose.

The old torch fires just fine, but the ptm has the e04 error and won’t make an attempt to fire

The torch on the right is wired wrong.

That’s the PTM-60 cnc machine torch

Yea OK so its still wired wrong.

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Does pin 1 need to be moved to pin 2? Or do I have to shell out the $500 for an everlast torch?

No that won’t help you need 4 pins for the torch to work on the Everlast plasma cutters. Contact the person you got it from and get your money back or have them rewire it for the Everlast.

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Or send a short wire with two pins crimped to it…

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