PTM-60 machine torch, tip sizes and kerf widths

I bought my machine torch from George(mechanic416, thank you). The tips are rated in amps. Is there a guide to the size of the orifice and the kerf width related to the amps?

This has been posted before, but here you are.

20 amp/0.65mm/.025", 30 amp/0.8mm/.029", 40 amp/0.9mm/.035", 50 amp/1.0mm/.040", 60 amps/1.1mm/.045". See the chart in the manual for air settings (note: the plasma cutter will only work starting at 50 psi so start there not 40 psi.

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Thank you. Is there a PDF of the manual you are mentioning? I can’t seem to find it for the PTM-60 machine torch. I got the torch so long ago I can’t remember if it was in the box with the machine torch. Thanks,

Air settings are in the plasma cutter manual. If you need a manual contact Primeweld.

Ahhhh. I thought you meant there was a manual that came with the PTM-60 machine torch you sold me for my RazerWeld CUT 45. Sorry for the confusion.

Yea, I though you had the Primeweld. Your Razorweld is preset at around 70/75 psi and I think its wrong for a CNC table. No way you need 70 to 75 psi to be cutting anything less then 1/2".

George, While inspecting my 50 amp tip on my PTM-60 machine torch after some cuts, the “swirl ring” fell off and I don’t know how to tell which way is up on the swirl ring. The machine torch is installed in the Langmuir machine torch holder. Any information would be helpful. I don’t want to install it upside down if there is a way to know which side is “up”. Thanks, Don.

It can go on ether way. But if you look at it close you can tell what way the air flows through it.