PSA: Limit Switch Kit & Firmware Version 1.3ls [CrossFire/CrossFire PRO]

Hi everyone,

Since the release of the Limit Switch Kit for the CrossFire & CrossFire PRO, users have been required to update their machine firmware version to 1.3ls in order to enable the related features in FireControl. As of today, our Electronics team is now flashing the Motion Control Boards of outgoing machines with firmware version 1.3ls

We initially elected to continue sending out machines with 1.2ls as a precaution, but 1.3ls has proven to be just as stable & reliable. This was to be expected, as the only change between the two versions was the addition of limit switch functionality.

With this change in procedure, some users will not need to manually update the firmware of their machine before configuring limit switch functionality in FireControl. That said, there are still some Electronics Enclosures with 1.2ls that have been assembled, tested, and packaged; as such, we will leave the notice to update to 1.3ls in the Limit Switch Kit guide until these units have been shipped and the users who receive them have had the chance to update their firmware.

When the machine is connected to FireControl via USB, the current firmware version will be displayed in the Machine Connection field:

Apologies for any confusion this may cause. Any questions, concerns, or issues can be posted in this thread or directed to Thanks!


Is refreshing to see the development maturity of your team improving over time. Good job.


What is the purpose of this limit switch kit? Is this an upgrade to the existing limit switches?

It is a kit you add to a table that didn’t come with them originally. Limit switches were not an option for Crossfire and Pro tables before late 2022


Got it! Thanks for the response.