Props to the LS guys

Hey I just wanted to take a few second to thank all of the LS guys that take the time to be on this forum. I think it is important to realize that LS being a “young company” who just released its product that has a forum to help and actually does provide the help and support in what I believe is a very quick turn around is exceptional and not the norm.
Of course the members helping out is also great, no doubt, but very rarely have I seen actual company “workers/owners” go on forum and help and be so open minded to share what they know as well as making very helpful how-to videos, beyond to what their product is (F360 and so forth, huge help there). It really make the experience of owning an LS cnc plasama great.

In today’s age, we’re so quick to complain and bring up “problems” but very rarely do we take the time to give props and accolades when they are due for a great service:
So, in this season of greetings and thanks, cheers to you guys at LS! I, We, all appreciate it

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Thanks for the props! Making sure that customers are well supported has always been extremely important to us as a company. As we continue to grow at a fairly rapid pace, our top goal is to ensure that customers get responded to quickly with quality responses from competent/technical people despite our size. We believe the forum is critical to our future success because when a person posts an issue and reaches a resolution (either from one of us helping or a member of the community) that resolution becomes searchable by anyone. Even though we are shipping more machines than ever, our technical support workload is lower than its ever been thanks to this forum.


I sincerely mean this when say Daniel I hope you guys are rolling the cash.

I love my LS table and I enjoy showing it off to people. It’s so cool learning this stuff and the company support was beyond anything I imagined.


I will add that the forum was a major selling point for me in buying my Crossfire Pro in that I knew I would need some assistance at some point. I have found in other products I have purchased if the forum is active and supported, the quality and pace of updates continues to improve.

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