Pronest LT by Hypertherm

Does anyone know if this will work with the Crossfire Pro and if so, has anyone used it.


I’ve not used it, but I’d imagine the issue would be if it can generate g-code for the LS controller. It may need a customized post, but again - I’ve not used it.

im going to try the trial when i get back from this trip. See what it can do. it does produce .nc code like Fusion 360 does. Will see. Supposed to be pretty robust. The LT version that is.

I just signed up for the trial. In the purchase process they ask for a g code sample of something that is confirmed to work correctly on the machine.

I’ll let you guys know. Basically I cut a bunch of stuff last night that pronest would have cut my torch time and pierce count in half, plus Dave me 1/2 hour of manual nesting. $40 a month is worth it to me.

Hypertherm is pretty responsive. Got an email back saying all they need to make the post is a g code example.

Imported some SVGs I to pronest already but the scaling is way off, I’m sure I can figure it out. But the 10 seconds of effort test failed. Lol

I just got my file back today from the .tap file I sent in. will test it out tomorrow…I hope

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Well, i just did a test nest on pronest LT and produced an output .tap file. started up Firecontrol and loaded the tap file. It worked this time. The first file they gave me turned out to be for Mach 3. So of course, it did not work. Will try a cut tomorrow…

I got my post today, going to try adding some parts and see what happens.

Sounds good. Things didn’t turn out the way I wanted the other day so I never got a chance to do a cut

For those of you who were trying it, any updates or further comments about your experience? Looking at this for my CAM software for my Crossfire Pro.

I cancelled during the trial. It appeared pretty darn complicated. I was able to import some parts but I think the scaling was off, and I couldnt figure out how to do the common line cutting. It looked like it would be a week or more learning curve and I had stuff to cut so I cancelled.

I figured out sheet cam pretty quick, and I’m not ready to dove into new software. Plus I don’t have enough random parts to cut to justify nesting a bunch, especially with the size of the pro.

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I completely understand

I have been using Pronest LT by Hypertherm for several months now. The staff had to create a custom cut settings for the Langmuir Systems beds. If you get with Ken Moran at Hypertherm, he will have the custom file. It is a huge time saver. The Hypertherm team has excellent communication and custom service. Previously I was manually placing parts to make a nest in Fushion 360 and ended up with a lot of wasted space and it took a TON of time. Pronest is definitely worth it.

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