Projects for Wood and Metal

Hey All,
I should be receiving my Pro in June and I am trying to come up with some idea of things I can make to try and pay it off. I am traditionally a woodworker and am trying to come up with some ideas where I can blend some plasma cut items with wood items. Is there anyone willing to share some ideas to get my brain juices going? I am not trying to steal anyone’s ideas!

I was a woodworker before getting the burn for metal…I still have 2 shops…1 wood and 1 metal now…and like you I plan to mix them.
I have a client who wants a wood backed monogram…
so I looked at the old interweb and googled “wood backed metal signs”’’’’'yup…this is gonna be fun.

to set this off I am going to be adding hidden metal stand-off rods in the back…luckily I can weld also.

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Luck has nothing to do with it. You’re a man of many talents.

@Vernon, FWIW, I am a woodworker who decided that I needed to be able to cut and decorate with metal. Hence, I have a CrossFire original (AKA OG) in my workshop - wood floors and all.

The only compensation I’ve made to the CF is that I’ve placed it against a wall with a drop down welding curtain surrounding the back, left, and right sides. So far, the combination works well.

Unfortunately, regarding your question, I have yet to do a combination project, but probably will once I’m inspired, possibly by your projects. There is a category/thread on this forum for posting projects and you may find something there.

thank you…I have been known to walk and talk without falling down…often

I have done some “mixed Media” projects. Metal on wood signs, log railings with metal panels, Headboard with metal panels. 6B41AC45-AC9F-493E-9051-8825193E9E9F F7392D7F-346C-4CB5-A79A-644F6DFEC74A 3E5CB60D-B611-47B7-AF93-11EB61B0E102 F2B24F3D-35C7-40F7-BFA4-0B36D3E55110 D105A9D6-FC19-47C0-B36D-48F5645C2E68