Project repository for members

I was thinking as people start making projects we could start a project repository. Having the ability to upload pictures and project files they have drawn.


Here is a oil catch can I designed for Toyota supra’s And a laptop stand for the cross fire. My table should be shipping this week.


@richard_horn This is a great idea and something that we are working on actively behind the scenes now. We are trying to set up a huge sharing library so that users can upload their designs and can also download from the repository of files. We estimate that this site will be live in the next 6-8 week so please keep an eye out. In the meantime we would like to encourage customers to use the Project topic on this forum to share files. Once our site is live, we will upload these files into the database for sharing!

@oneupperformance This project looks great! Would you mind sharing the .dxf file for this project here?



Sure mike, I have no issue sharing the laptop stand, but it’s not to scale yet as I don’t know what exact dimensions I need until the table gets here. But once that Happens I will gladly share the file.

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Just finished mine I can post to google drive if anyone is gonna interested


I would be interested.

I set it up hopefully it works. I think all you have to do is download them and then upload them into fusion.

let me know if it doesn’t work. Also for the swivel hinge I didn’t add it because all used was a hunk of angle iron and used a solid 3/8 bar and some tubing that had the correct mating ID. Ill post some pictures tomorrow of a close up.


I love this thing.


I must admit, I am pretty jealous! After we built the first prototype machine I really wanted to get into knifemaking, but never found the time to do it. I drew up a few bowie knives but that’s as far as I got.

What material are you using and what will be your heat treatment method? Can’t wait to see these finished up.

Do you have a belt grinder? I’m hoping you don’t so that you can build one using the CrossFire and post pics of that too!


@bsulley22 what is it that we are supposed to download out of there? The .dat file? eveything looked kind of strange when I went on the drive.

@bsulley22 nevermind got it. I had to just click download and it downloaded the fusion file. Thanks!!!

That material is just cold roll I had laying around to play with speeds and feeds, or I guess voltages and feeds. I plan on using 1095 and some stainless to start with. No I don’t have a sander and yes a 2x72 is next on the list.


Check out this thread on plasmaspider. Pretty cool.


can you post a close up of how you did the swivel?


Check out Jeremy Schmidt’s belt grinder. Its the most adaptable I’ve seen to date. He does charge for his plans but I hear they are good quality.


I just used a piece of angle iron to attach to the table leg then found a tube and solid bar stock to make a hinge. It almost moves a little too good may have to put some resistance on the movement. So the laptop doesn’t accidentally fall.

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Really impressive kid.

I was able to upload his belt grinder into fusion using the the 360 cloud. Pretty cool it is an SKP file soyou need to go up to the cloud first.

Stand looks great, I downloaded the files to get a look at the design layout (not getting my machine shipped for a month). Where are all the dimensions at? I’m a super noob and trying to figure out software in the meantime. I thought the Mach 3 prof needed a cnc file to cut. Did u use that exact file and upload in to Mach 3?


just ran thru the tutorials of settings, setup and first cuts… I was able to download the files (thanks again for the link) am I to assume since its a fusion file I still need to go thru and setup parameters for the cutter before the actual tap file can be created and sent to the cutter?