Project for first cut?

can anyone send me a project with g code for a first cut I cant seem to get fusion to let me generate a cut path correctly and I am wanting to verify my machine is set up correctly. I honestly don’t care what it is just wanna cut something out already lol. I have some 14 guage aluminium ready to go with the razor weld 45 just waiting to cut something one the crossfire just cant seem to get things working in fusion properly I have downloaded project files and cant get my cut paths to generate everything selected for some reason. im sure its operator error I have followed the videos multiple times just no go same output every time. if the file needs to be emailed my email is

I’ve got a simple squares & circle tap file I can send you but it’s set for 16ga steel (speeds). Not sure how that will work for your aluminum but you could adjust the power on the RW or the speed in the Mach3 control panel. It won’t chew up too much material while you play (or you could grab a piece of steel from Home Depot to test with).

Let me know if you want the file or if you want to wait for something from an aluminum cutting person :slightly_smiling_face:

Would you mind emailing me a copy of your square and circle tap file. I am just try to test out a machines operations for someone and really would like to skip learning Fusion if at all possible.