Programming timed pauses between cuts in Fusion 360 cam or Mach3

Finding nothing on this currently, my Hobart Airforce 500i has a programmed post flow cooling cycle. In between cuts, torch cooling time is not sufficient to fire for the next cut. I have seen the razorweld machines have a capacitor that can be removed, and I am working with Hobart to see if there is a work around. For the time being, I am using the “feed hold” function until the torch cools enough to fire for the next cut. Is there a way to program a set time (say 3 seconds) between each cut in the fusion 360 cam function or Mach3?


This may work for you. He says you can program in as long of a pause as you want so it should accomplish what you need!


This is what I ended up doing. When creating the tool path in Fusion 360/cam, intbetween each cut I insert a dwell time or programmed stop (setup/manual NC/stop). The dwell time can be adjusted, the stop looks for a cycle start signal after each cut. Tedious but it works