Programming First Look or Training?

Posted this question on the FB group page, but wondering out loud here in the forum if there will be any first looks at the software, or some training ahead of the machine release?

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I dont think they will offer any training at this price point.

Formal training, I agree. But a YouTube video or three will almost certainly be required.

I’m a Langmuir fanboy, but I gotta say the radio silence after getting all the early orders is more than a little frustrating. They really need to put more effort in to customer relations. I asked two separate questions about software functionality weeks ago and they’ve yet to be answered by Langmuir.

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Again at this price point. When I gave my deposit I did not expect anything, as I knew I could get my deposit back if I did not like the direction things were going.
I will wait and see how it all plays out.

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I don’t think a YouTube video with an overview of the software is out of the question.

Overall there is more to be learned on the CAD side of things to design parts and understanding bend orders than actual bending. The actual bend once the machine is calibrated is a matter of typing in the distance CAD tells you and pressing bend.

As far as the radio silence I too am fairly disappointed in that regard. They said they are still on track for May/June but some form of teasers etc would be reassuring.

I know they decided to change the punch holder which was a wise decision so that’s going to eat some time but I’d really love to just see a basic overview of the software and functionality.

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Hey guys, just wanted to give you a quick update.

We will be making some training/overview videos of the Titan soon when get closer to the release date. We’ll have a few training videos showing how to safely operate the machine as well as how to create some basic bend programs. I haven’t had the chance to use the press much myself so I’m excited to get my hands on one and start filming.

We are still on track to begin shipping assembled Titans in May so feel free to reply here or message me directly if you have any questions.


That’s great news! Thanks Jake!

I think software for titan can not be so hard to understand , but any one without back ground in precision Sheet metal may need some basic orientation ? ask Me any question if you have
I have plenty expertise with Sheet metal fabrication


I may be using some of your expertise soon. I am green on sheet metal bending. I hope my Titan will be here in the next couple of weeks. :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:

I’ve been in sheet metal fab for over 20 years, so I’m not personally worried. Although, new software is new software; it’s always nice to get walked though all the buttons in order to get up to speed quickly and hit the ground running.

But you and I aren’t their target market. I assume the majority of their customers range from zero experience to limited experience. Those folks will need some direction. Thankfully, there is a lot of helpful folks in these forums for them to ask questions of.


When I looked this morning, I thought it said he had just joined the forum this morning

If my memory serves me right… I think the videos releases were just before shipping with the MR1. @Bigdaddy2166 could confirm this. I don’t have a deposit down but would love to see some videos released. Also an update or two wouldn’t hurt now that we are in mid-May. I should have listed to @Knick and put some money down. The cost would be easy to throw into the house budget and not notice. :grimacing: :wink: JK


Your wife called me today and was wondering how to log in to the forum. So I set her up an account for all the stuff you’ve done for me. You’re welcome


This makes sense… I am a firm believer that no good deed goes un-punished…

…thanks… I guess. :wink: :rofl: :rofl:


I asked her if she was going to get some equipment and she no, I just want to poke around and see what you guys talk about. :grimacing: