Programmable foot pedals

So, I got a little tired of having to reach around to the mouse or laptop to start my cuts. I picked up a programmable foot pedal and mapped the pedals to the start (Alt-R) and feed hold (Space) for the Mach3 program. Works great! Now, I can tend to the steel if it is a little warped. I cut larger sheets of 16 and 14 gauge steel down to 48"x32".Only $40 on Amazon and it’s well worth it! AC_SX425


Now that is cool

Just don’t accidentally step on it while you have your hand under the torch!
Just sayin’…


then his name would be “DerrickD2lessfingers”

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Yes, I suppose it would.

I like this. I think I’ll find something similar but mount it above my table. I use a wireless keyboard that works well now, but it’s a pain to take my gloves off and what not. Also have to hold it carefully to not accidentally hit the space bar when I’m watching a cut I know will tip up.

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:joy: bro…Kool and where can this go? :thinking:

Camera + wi-fi + another camera for smoker + oh…hellzzz bells…I will be in the hottub…bring me my parts…ugh…and a bourbon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Love it, great job!

Careful, your goats will be climbing on them and setting off your Plasma Cutter!

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It does it on its own :frowning: but!!

We are getting Dude a little brother :grinning:

For the original Crossfire…there are no controls. I had to reach over and click the mouse.

I might recommend anyone concerned about safety consider the double momentary pushbutton model of starting a cycle. Two momentary pushbuttons that must be simultaneously triggered, but are too far apart to do it with one hand.

For those of you out to get $h;T done, keep on keeping on. This is a good idea for starting a cycle if you think you may need to do so when your hands are otherwise occupied, or you just prefer to have your hands on the stop button in case something goes wrong.

OSHA wouldn’t approve, but I do.

“Stop Button”? What’s that?

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