Program not running torch

Fire control is not working properly, the program runs but the torch will run for about 3" and then stops cutting. Also the torch won’t cut all the way thru even thou it is turned up all the way. I can use the torch by it’s self off the table. Razor weld 45

is the clamp on the material?

any errors pop up?

what is the condition of the consumables?

NO errors, New consumables. Height of torch is good.

Air being starved?

Air is good

Wondering if a program issue…

I reallllllllllly doubt it. If the torch comes on, is the correct height, and doesn’t burn through the metal, that is your torch, your work lead, or your plasma cutter.

does it continue moving in firecontrol? after the torch stops.

maybe running too fast?

I had the torch off earlier and using it by hand, no problems

Yes, I’ve tried slowing down as well

What happens in Firecontrol , does the visualizer keep running the graphics of it continuing the cut? (After the torch fails to continue firing)

Will it try to fire again on the next Pierce of the program?

Work clamp is not on the material or the plasma is in 4t mode.