Production work

Is anyone using the Crossfire XR for production type work?

I am considering the this machine as an entry level to get started before upgrading to more of a production quality machine. Mainly due to price of machine and my starting budget.

The volume of some parts are over 1000/year, some parts 100-200/year. Sheet thickness ranging .060 to .375. Material is 304 stainless. Tolerances aren’t tight. Some parts are just rectangles with 4 holes or slots as clearance holes for bolts.

Will the machine hold up to daily use? 6-8 hours day of run time? Or is this better for my garage for 1 off work to sell on marketplace?

I don’t have the xr table. I wouldn’t be afraid to tackle any job with my pro table. I do production type runs of a couple thousand parts a year for the company I work for with no issues.

Keep in mind and save for replacement parts. These table are not perfect but great beginner table.

Another note the plasma cutter you chose is very important as well as your air supply.

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what plasma cutter are you using? @Phillipw

I started out with the razor weld 45. Great starter machine.

I wanted to do longer runs on 1/4 so the duty cycle just wasn’t there. With the rw45 I cut 1/4 at 20 Ipm. I ended up buying a hypertherm 65. I cut 1/4 at 45 amp and 50 Ipm. It has a 100 percent duty cycle at 45 amps.

There are plenty of other good machines out there. You just need to determine your cutting needs.

Not sure how much you know about plasma cutting I don’t want to insult you. There is a lot of great information and people on here. Read a lot before you jump head first.

To get the most out of a machine you can’t just buy a table and plasma then start burning metal. Air quality and knowledge of cad and cam are important.

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got it, thanks for the help.

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Philllpw 50 ipm for 1/4" ? The new sync cartridges cut speed for 1/4" is 156 ipm published. We tried it with our New XR and Powermax 65 at 156 ipm (only initial test cuts) and works okay but 6 deg kerf cut angle. No dross to speak of.

Mine isn’t the sync and I cut at 45 amps it has 100 percent duty cycle at 45 amps. I set it up it cuts for an hour and a half without stopping.

The 40 ipm is book setting for my hypertherm.

If I am not mistaking 4 to 6 degree is common for a plasma

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Thanks our compressor would likely not keep up for a 1.5 hour run , We have not cut at any at any capacity yet only baby test cuts. Initially we may pause the cut when running a full sheet until we get our air more dialed in. Awesome we get some feedback, thank you ! We got spoiled on our early fab work as a family member was burning our work on laser at his work he was prompted so we lost that production asset. Forcing us to pull it in house ~literally, Ken

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Air quality is very important. Make sure you have plenty and very dry.

I’ll be running stainless, 3/8 or less. At the shop, should be fine for air volume and pressure. I will install inline dryer/cleaner. Considering material, might have to do Nitrogen or F5 instead of air.

also considering one for home. I see people use the 60-65 gallon size compressors and harbor freight air dryer/cleaner. Seems to work out ok for garage work, but not sure if extended run time.

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