Processing Plastics and Ideas

I found a box to make so people can partially automate processing plastics…

The Open Source initiative is called Precious Plastics: Precious Plastic Community

That shredder box has files that can be added to the FireShare site if necessary. If not and if processing plastics is not needed here, no issue.

If you want the files and do not want to sign up for the precious plastics site online, I have them…

I will sign in to the FireShare site for porting the build for Langmuir Systems machines…



Interesting. I’ll get my chemistry major Mrs looking into it. Maybe I’ll be interested in making a shredder. Put my 3D printer to good use.

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This idea was my premise for building the machine from Langmuir Systems and porting it to the build plate of the CrossFire.

Silly? Yea…but in hindsight, I have learned some things along the way.

  1. Things get expensive quickly.
  2. Work is not always warranted.
  3. Aw!


P.S. If you build it, maybe we can trade jabs on the build process. I have some software for the build and I was going to use the preprocessor for FireControl on the SheetCAM source for building. If you have any ideas, I am mostly all ears here.

I like to test things with 3D Printers like bolt mfg. and etc. So, extra unused plastics are always around me. I figured if I could reuse and recycle, why not? I have been building a PET recycler as of lately. It is small potatoes now, may always be this way, and is for personal use. So, I will update when the machine is up and running (recycler). It really handles bottles but I am thinking of ways to port it to meshed consumables, e.g. smashed up and bashed up plastics.

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The box…nice. The issue with 3D printing is finding a way to transform the pellets of the box parts that get smashed and bashed to a reliable medium like filament.

Although, the shredder box is neat, I found some of their other builds for making the filament a bit overwhelming. There is another type of machine they use too. It creates long spools out of the sediment mix of plastics from the shredder box.

Anyway, if you embark on it, nice. If not, cool too. I just wanted to throw out the idea of why I got the langmuir systems CrossFire.

Now, I have all sorts of awesome machinery to cut up some heavy gauge metal.


P.S. I am saying it now. I am not a full-time builder. I dabble at best. So, this was a humongous purchase for me. Usually, I mess with electronics and learn how to program them. Anyway, Open Source is Open Source.

I have a .stp file reader on hand too. This will come in handy for handling the .stp files for the knives of the shredder box and the wall plates. So, I guess I just put on SheetCAM and let the machine talk the rest.

@TomWS : I found it…

Blah. Okay. Enough about them. Back to normal life (for now)!