Problems getting software to open

When I go to download the required downloads for Fusion 360 post and the break in program it wants to know what App to use? Not very computer savvy and getting very frustrated!

ok…if you are using fusion360 you need to download the postprocessor from langmuir…it is on the downloads page.
thus file once installed in Fusion tells Fusion how to create G-code/tap files for the Firecontrol software.

in order to run the break-in program you need to have the table up and running…open firecontrol so firecontrol sees the table…then you load the break in program into firecontrol…

Every time I try to download the postprocessor from Langmuir is wants to know what app to use to open it? Your other answer makes sense, thanks

You don’t open the post processor file. You just download it and move it to the Fusion post processor folder. The instructions for how to do that and learn how to use Fusion are here CAD/CAM with Fusion360 | Langmuir Systems

You also don’t open the break in program. That is a G-code file that can only be read by the Firecontrol software that controls the table and that doesn’t do anything without being connected to a table.

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Ok so do I need to be connected to the table when I perform these downloads? This part of the set up sorta left me hangin

You can download those things anytime you want. You just can’t open them.

The post processor file is something that works with Fusion or Sheetcam to process your drawings into G-code that Firecontrol can understand. It is just an add-on that tells Fusion or Sheetcam what commands to put in the code for the table to work. You don’t need the table for this, but you do need to follow the instructions in the link that I posted, so you can use Fusion to create files that can be cut with the table.

The break in program is just a G-code file that you will open with Firecontrol and you do need the table for that to work. It really only moves the torch from front to back and diagonally to make sure it moves properly. You don’t really need it, since you can accomplish the same thing by jogging the torch around with the buttons on Firecontrol.

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Ok, I really appreciate the help. I feel like I’m making this harder than it’s suppose to be. Haven’t really done anything computer wise in years other than searching the internet and my mail.