Problem with torch height

I’m new here and might just be a simple fix but I’m having a problem burning into my 1/4’’ sheet of metal, I’ve made a simple process to cut out a ring however the torch raises to high off of the sheet to make a proper cut, thc is on, not sure if this is a pp problem or maybe a user sided issue. cut height: .043, IHS spring back:0, pierce delay: .5, pierce height .15, retract height:1

Post the first 10-20 lines of the code or just look at it and see if the cut height is correct and you didn’t accidentally type in .43"


what amps is cutter at? .5 Pierce delay is short for 1/4" try .8 or.9

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It’s at 85 amps, i adjusted to the numbers you gave me and I’m still running into the same issue it’s cutting way to high above the material like the thc is the issue, it wasn’t a problem with .080 material but with 1/4 it started having issues

try it with THC turned off in Fire control

just did and the problem persisted, everything’s level and square, the first inner circle cut is fine but the outer circle cut it raises to high off of the sheet

Post your nc or tap file so someone can take a look at it