Problem with ihs or fusion 360

So im having a bit of a problem im setting my cut height in fusion to .06 and its actually cutting at almost double that and creating problems any ideas on what would cause this? ( i do not have thc )

There are settings for springback etc. that could affect cut height, what do you have in the boxes below?

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Everything is the same as that screen except i have my pierce delay at .9

How did you determine the cut height is double what you expected?

Are you dissatisfied with cut quality?

Im checking it with feeler guages and it about double what it should be when cutting , cut quality , im getting alot of bevel because the height isnt where it should be, and on smaller things its not cutting all the way through, checked all the couplers and there tight

When you run the Z axis up and down does it bind or stick? Make any funny noises? If you grab the Z axis can you move it at all or are the bearings tight? How old is the machine and were you able to make good cuts at one point? In other words is this a new problem?

Ive only had it put together about 3 months, its cut the same since i put it together , no binding no sounds it cuts beautifully but it just dosent get to the right height, i just ran a part with it set at .03 and it cut at .06 so i can easily compensate for it. but its just anoying that it dosent work right i was hoping someone had ran into this and had a easy fix

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Long shot here but, it’s not that your Z is running out of downward travel and tripping the IHS .03 or more prematurely is it?

How the torch is mounted in the holder or how the holder itself is mounted in the Z would be worth looking at in relation to this…

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Have a machine torch all mounts are solid, everything moves freely, its like firecontrol is just telling it that its .06 and its actually double , i even tried to set it at .125 and it was actually at .25 so firecontrol is definatly doubling whatever number i put in fusion 360

My next step will probably be to uninstall and reinstall firecontrol

What happens if you run it without THC turned on? IHS should set a fixed height and keep it if your material isn’t warped.

My machine dosent have thc , im thinking its either something in firecontrol or in my springback value im going to check more tomorrow the .02 might be too much