Problem with editing imported DXF file to 360

I’m new to the product, so I know this is user error, but I can’t figure it out. When I import a DXF file from Fireshare, no issues no problems at all. I am able to import and edit the sketch as if I generated it myself. However, if I attempt to do the same thing with a DXF file that was converted by say, Convertio, the sketch if full of white circles / dots (points) and the file does not react anything like one of the files from Fireshare. I tried to upload the Convertio file I was referring to… but “new users are not allowed to upload files.” Any assistance and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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The reason the files from fileshare work better is because 99% of them are made using fusion so they open well.
Fusion has its place and I enjoy using it for the type of work I do which is mostly all fab parts for vehicles and equipment its perfect for that.
The down side of fusion is the artwork type stuff even though it will do it it takes time to go through everything and fix broken lines and overlaps or whatever else comes up.
Converting images to dxf files unless they’re black and white images with no shadows your not going to get a good file that has so many nodes it overwhelms fusion.
That has been my experience anyway so when I do the odd sign or image that a friend or whoever asks me to do I use inkscape and sheetcam with good results and I dont use either very often but its pretty straight forward and simple.

If you want to email the image your looking for I can see what I can do.

Sir - since receiving your reply, I have experimented with inkscape and importing that svg file into Fusion. It is working great! So, thank you very much for your help!