Problem cutting

Trying to figure out what I did wrong I have a sheet cam to generate my G cards made some parts came out perfect but now when it starts to cut then it Roberts to the next start point torch does not go out when it gets to the next Starpoint torch goes out then it runs through the rest of the G code
M03 fires the torch and M05 turns it off but it does not turn off I am new to g code
Thank you Tom

What plasma cutter do you have, I have heard some times if the plasma has a 2T and 4T switch then the cutter may be set on the 4t and I believe that may cause problems similar to what you are describing?

I am also using sheetcam and have not seen any problems like that.

 I have a Everlast 60S The table and plasma belong to a friend he loaned it to me because he  was using fusion 360 and I looked at it and that is a real pain in  to get a gcode out of.

sheet cam is so easy and fast I have used Kubotek for the last 25 years and have no problem generating the DXF files

It looks like that machine has the 2T/4T switch make sure it is on the 2T setting then we’ll go from there.

You were right thank you very much for the information it works perfect now the friend that loaned me the crossfire Il used to be his boss and I think he figures I know more than he does and didn’t tell me about how to use that machine but it works perfect appreciate the help thank you very much have a good day and a good weekend
Sheetcam is the only way to go for G codes

I agree with sheetcam.
On the 4T setting you can engage the trigger once and it fires and stays on until you engage the trigger again, for hand cutting you don’t have to keep the trigger pressed.

I have received allot of help on this forum, glad I could help someone.

Safe cutting and have fun.

I’m using the razor weld 45 amp and having the same issues

Make sure you are in 2T not 4T, using the right air pressure and using the right consumables.

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