Pro table with THC for sale in Michigan

Pro table with THC. About 10 sheets run through it. Been almost exactly a year since I made my first cuts…. Works perfectly.

Sell the table complete $2750
With laptop and sheetcam $3000
With laptop, Sheetcam, and Primeweld Cut60 (new this summer) $3500

Buy the whole kit-n-kaboodle, and I’ll spend a few hours going through design all the way to cut and give you the ins and outs of mistakes I’ve made.

Also have a new magnetic machine torch mount I bought from a member that I never used (never bought the machine torch).

Located just outside of Kalamazoo, MI. Works great, but my XR is ready to ship.

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What is the name brand of the magnetic torch mount and could you post a picture of it. Also what are asking for it with shipping to zip code 70729? Thanks

I’ll take it with the plasma cutter if we can figure out shipping to Montana.


Darby, MT

Mount is from Jeremy Goheen on here (or maybe from the Facebook group?). It’s a custom 3D printed unit he designed. Selling it with the table, though, sorry.

Checking in- I’m willing to buy your setup for the $3500 if you can pack it up for freight shipment. Otherwise I’ll place an order for the pro this week and wait it out.

Darby Mt 59829

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