Pro jog runaway

i’ve had my pro up and running for about 6 weeks. there have been a few time that Continuous Jog has runway and crashed the stops. Only way to clear is kill Firecontrol.
Can’t ID anything that triggered this issue. Only happened with Continuous.
Any ideas?

This is a known albeit fairly rare issue with the current version of FireControl that has already been fixed in the next version. It can happen more with less performant computers and if you switch too quickly between directions in Continuous mode. This motion will only continue for 48" at most and you can stop it via unplugging the USB cable (killing power to the Controller) or powering off the electronics enclosure (killing power to the motors).


when will fixed version be available?
fyi: pwr off controller did not clear the condition.

This happens to my THC upgraded XL sometimes if I switch directions too fast or bang too many arrow keys at once looking for the direction I want while not actually looking at the arrow keys. The carriage will keep going until I press a single arrow key. It freaked me out the first time it happened. If I take my time and deliberately press one arrow key at a time it doesn’t happen. Obviously.


Powering off the electronics box will absolutely stop the motors. That said if the controller (USB powered) is still running, the jog will continue until the full 48" span is reached. You would have to wait for that amount of time (variable depending on speed) as turning back on the electronics enclosure will just give power to the motors that are still receiving step pulses. Unplugging the USB will kill power to the Controller and stop the pulses from being sent.

The next version will be released before XR machines ship and is currently in testing. I would expect it sometime this summer. The new jogging functionality is incredibly responsive and does not suffer from this issue.


Yeah this happens to me occasionally too. Good to hear it’s resolved in the next version.

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I see this happen quite often and am really glad to hear there may be a fix coming.
On the plus side I have gotten good at shutting off my controller box quickly!


I’ve had the same issue. I did figure out that my laptop cannot be plugged in to a power source.

laptop can be as long as it plugged into a non grounded device

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Good to know. Thanks for the info!

Have experienced the runaway here as well and agreed, the bump in the opposite direction usually stops it. I do notice it only happens more when it’s in the 300 ipm mode.

Is there an ETA for the update?

as long as you don’t screw in the bottom to anything. As mentioned in another post i listed those on, that screw tab is a grounding point.

I’ve found it only does it on mine if my computer screen goes to sleep and then I wake it back up and start to jog. Find that closing fire control and reopening fixes it each time.

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I have the latest Firecontrol update and it has happened a couple of times.

do you have ferrite chokes on your cables?

No, my table was working fine, before I did the THC upgrade. I have the OG Crossfire.

so you did have the OG table…
now you have installed THC and new control box and Firecontrol software right?
you now have a whole new system…new control box…new hardware…new software…

play safe get some ferrite chokes…

Everything is up and running. Thanks for the response.

can you share the final thing you found…we would like to know…

I didn’t do anything, except move my laptop stand off of the CF table. The reason I moved my laptop, was to prevent it from getting wet. Since, it’s a new expensive laptop. Did it fix the issue? Don’t know.