PRO Electronics, Software and THC Upgrade

This is absolutely nuts I got an email saying the last box of my order is out for delivery… I have no electronics and no bolts please tell me what the hell my 3500 went to? If i return one box at a time will u be ok with this?

Hi Dana,

I just checked on your order and your final CrossFire Box (Box #2 containing all the hardware and electronics) is currently in transit (Los Angeles right now) and is scheduled for delivery on Thursday!

I have also sent you a Private Message with a link to your tracking #. Hope this helps!

Emails were sent, and this was posted in October 2019. If you’d pay attention, you wouldn’t sound like an idiot. Or an @sshole. I’m still debating.


Engineer… I’m sure that guy doesn’t need or want your input. You hijack a message then start calling him names…the man is deservedly frustrated, as are the rest of us still waiting on box 2. He has every right to voice his option. Maybe you should just butt out and mind your own business. Because now you’re the one that looks like an idiot or @sshole. My 2 cents.

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Greetings. I do not have a Crossfire Pro yet. I am in batch #2.
I have been reading the forum for a while and noticed that many here have been waiting for a Vectric Post Processor. I have looked at the sheetcam pp and tweaked it for VCarvePro. Comparing the output of simple shapes, the tap files appear similar between VCarve and Sheetcam. I am including them in this post so that users with a Crossfire Pro can test them. They have the code included for the THC. If you don’t have the THC, you might have to remove the sections of code where the THC is turned on and off (?). Perhaps Langmuir Systems can examine this code and modify it to work more correctly as necessary.

BTW I have to rename these files to .tap files to get them to upload. rename them to .pp files and place them in your PostP directory within Vectric.


  1. I do not have my machine to test yet.
  2. This is Alpha software. There are no guarantees that it will even work.
  3. Vectric post processors have not conditional statements, so there are at least 2 post processors. There will be 4 if you include 2 post processors that have the THC code removed.
  4. It may or may not work with Cut-2D and Aspire.
  5. I have left debugging messages in there that will show up in the .tap file. They can be deleted later when we know that the code works.
  6. Testing should be done carefully, most safely with the torch off.
  7. When I get a machine, I will do more testing. If you do test, please respond and let me know how it goes.

LangmuirPlasma_Inch_THC.tap (5.8 KB) LangmuirPlasma_mm_THC.tap (5.7 KB)


I just did. Well, sold my share of the business I’ve been running for 27 years. What a relief.

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Awesome. I’m waiting on a 14 pin connector to get everything going, but I do have Aspire for my CNC’s. I will give this a try when I can. Thanks! Welcome to the forum.

Congratulations on the start of a new chapter :slightly_smiling_face: When I owned the business I told people it was harder than working for the business. Instead of worrying about your mortgage, you’re worried about everyone’s :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey MetalCutter, any updates on the Vectric post processor? I’m wanting to order a Crossfire Pro but don’t want to deal with another software!

Any updates on the Vectric post processor? I’m wanting to order a Crossfire Pro but don’t want to deal with another software!

Hi Randy,
One other person has tried it and he says it works. I have run it and it looks like it works fine, but I don’t have any 240V in my shop yet, so I can’t fire the torch :grimacing:.
It is not a complex task to write the PP and can be tweaked if necessary. The Vectric PPs can’t do calculations, but there aren’t that many in the SheetCam PP and I have tried to work around them. I plan on using this PP, so if I find any problems I will update on this forum.
I don’t blame you for not wanting to learn another package just to run a 2D image.
Autodesk is slow, complex, and overkill, although it is highly useful, capable, and free.
SheetCam would work, but it does take some more understanding and costs $140.
Having a PP for Vectric is handy since you (and I) know it. It is easy to design the work and simply using the PP export the .tap file. Just create a tool database for plasma cutting and it will work for you. I think that modifying a milling tool for each metal & thickness rather than their plasma tool would work better; their plasma tool doesn’t look like it gives you the flexibility you might need.

The Crossfile Pro is easy to assemble and certainly less expensive than any other product I’ve seen. Now the delivery date is in September, so you might want to order one soon so you can have it going before winter.

I hope this helps,

Thanks Steve. This is very helpful and much appreciated. I do plan to get one on order.

I downloaded your tap files you posted here on March 20. Have you made any changes to them since then?

When you mention setting up a different tool for each metal and thickness I guess that is so I can set the torch travel speed? I was thinking that would be done in FireControl.

I have not made any changes to the PP files since I uploaded them. I will add and remove some comments in time, but I wanted to make sure they worked first.

As far as tools, you are correct. Each combination of metal, thickness, and amperage will most likely have an optimal speed of cut, so setting up a separate tool for this would be the easiest way to do it (I would think). Firecontrol allows you to set speeds, but I think that is only for local jogs. Once you are running the G-code the speeds are set from within the code. More experienced minds than mine might weigh in on this.

Remember that the “tap” files that I uploaded needed to have the extension of “pp” to work. Just place them in your “Post” or “MyPost” directory and they should show up in the list. :wink:

I noticed the original post of this thread mentioned “Linux coming soon!”…
Now that we’re a year and a half later and coming out the back end of medical chaos, has there been even any talk within the halls of LS about a Linux port of Fire Control?

For me, that would be a dream come true. Strongly wanting to migrate away from anything Windows is something that I’m positive I am not alone in. I would guess there are dozens if not hundreds of LS customers which would cheer a Linux port release. What with Microsoft constantly meddling with breaking updates and who knows what else these days, a stable, solid running isolated OS that just works and runs Fire Control without drama would make for some sweet cutting.

LS could even just pick whatever flavor of Linux seemed appropriate and publish an ISO image of the whole shebang (ie. OS with Fire Control already installed and set up) if they wanted to go that route. Otherwise, just being able to install it from a repository would be pretty standard too.

LS folks, PLEASE do this. I’m begging you! Being able to run the Pro from Linux would be the cat’s meow, the icing on the cake, the bow on top…
Did I mention I’m begging you?

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Disappointing - just crickets…
“Please, man !.. I’m begging you.” - Vinito

Despite that, I’d like to add a request that falls perfectly in line with the whole Linux OS thing.

Not long ago, Autodesk imposed restrictions on the free Fusion360 software. Those restrictions are not likely to affect folks who have been already using if for plasma, but it does raise red flags for those of us who simply don’t like the fact that Fusion360 is a piece of software that is strongly dependent on being linked to the Autodesk server farm. While it may be likely that they won’t just pull the plug on it someday, the fact remains that they could, or even if some accidental technical glitch occurred to interrupt the link (on either end), users of 360 are suddenly dead in the water. This isn’t the case for software that is marketed on the totally reasonable model of “once you buy it, you own it” as in the days of yore, i.e. just installed and runs locally, no “phone home” ever required.

Sheetcam (SC) is like that and Langmuir provides the post for it. But a completely viable 360 alternative is FreeCAD (FC). The difference between FC and SC is that FC has a much more wide scope, i.e. similar to 360, thus users of it are more likely to use it not only for Plasma, but also could use it for 3D printing models, CNC mills & lathes, etc. Thus for those of us involved in more than just plasma reduce having to go through the significant learning curve (for whatever software) only once to cover most, if not all, our CNC endeavors.

Anyways, that’s some basic reasoning behind requesting that Langmuir Systems please consider writing a post processor compatible with the “path workbench” (the CAM module in FreeCAD).

For many folks here, running Fire Control on a Linux OS and doing our CAD/CAM work on FreeCAD would be the ultimate untethered, stable, local control way to go. Believe me, once you get a taste of operating outside the Microsoft world, it’s much less worrying.

Of course, please start with a Linux port of Fire Control. Please, man !.. I’m begging you.
But at some point it would also be worth at least considering a post processor for FreeCAD, imo.

hej! jag funderar att köpa en crossfire pro till mitt företag.
har du några erfarenheter om import, köpte du plasmabordet på ett företag? och har du något att säga om plasmabordet i övrigt?
hör gärna av dig här eller via min mail:
skulle vara super att få lite info från en annan svensk!


Hey! I am considering buying a crossfire pro for my company.
do you have any experience with import, did you buy the plasma table from a company? and do you have anything to say about the plasma table in general?
Feel free to contact me here or via my email:
would be great to get some info from another Swede!

can crossfire pro control board be added to crossfire table so i can run the new software ?

If your table currently runs on Mach3, you would need to purchase the Z-axis upgrade kit. The Kit includes the new control box that runs on Firecontrol. Langmuir doesn’t sell just the control box separately.

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