Pro build from og with gen2 box

I am attempting to build the pro table for the OG table…I need a link for the y axis motor so i can purchase 1…as i cant seem to find the exact 1.and i need the gurus to give me a link…i have all the other necessary parts from the gen 2 z axis upgrade. I have the extra y axis motion controller from the OG and the lead screws end bearing mount and and actyl nuts are all being purchased from build yr cnc site in America…i am in Australia and everything here is metric…any help here would be appreciated i will post photos and keep people informed of my endeavors as things progress…its just proving difficult to find the right nema 23 stepper. Thanks

Do you mean you’re building an OG table that is Pro sized or you’re building a table that is Pro sized AND Requires two Y Axis motors for each side of the gantry beam?

I know @e_vo77 (troy)…cool guy…
he has an OG table with firecontrol and THC…
he wants to build a Pro sized table from the parts he will take from the OG table…


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Well technically i am going bigger the 48 x 48 is what i want with dual y axis so yes 2…i just cant seem to find the extra y axis motor online…that is exactly 284 oz in

Another guy in the fb group has allready extended his pro table to this size…with a turned down 1/2 5 start to avoid whip

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Thanks m8 your not so bad yourself

Well, if he told me that he was a friend of yours… hehehehehe

No, really. PM me, I’ll help you oot as they say up north.

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