Pro Assembly: Bearing Pre-Loading

Hey all, had a quick question on this step of the assembly. After finishing the pre-load step, then going to the next tightening step of the rest of the mounting hdw, the bearings feel pretty heavily loaded. How free-floating should the y-axis be after this step? Feels super tight to me.

Note: I did screw up first go and didn’t have all hdw loose that was supposed to be. Second pass I did it with all required bolts loose.

Thanks in advance!

If it feels tight, its too tight. When everything is tightened, it should still roll smoothly with very little effort.

Awesome, thanks. I knew there was no way it could be correct being that tight. I’m just gonna loosen it all back up and have another go at it. Happy to say that other than this tiny hiccup, the assembly has been very simple with their instructions.

Keep in mind the part of the instructions that say to adjust so one bearing is touching. When you move the carriage you may find that the same bearing losing contact, but another will contact at a different location. The tubing the bearings roll on is not perfect. So roll it around and check where the contact and make your adjustments.

Thanks for the input. Turns out my issue was not leaving a particular set of screws loose from a prior step in the build. And if I could throw this out as well from another error I made in assembly: Be sure to open and pull out all of the bearing mounts before you install them. in the bubble wrap they appear to be identical but there is one slightly shorter that is for the X-axis screw. After fixing my bearing issue I ran into this as I put one of the Y-axis mounts on the X. They did not come marked so learn from my mistake if it helps. LOL It does get exciting as you are seeing the whole thing come together but it can be easy to miss even small details in the steps. The instructions are great and every issue I had was simply my own missteps.

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