Primeweld cut60 not arcing/firing

I’ll be upfront with everyone, I’m a novice so with that being said here is my problem. My Primeweld won’t fire/arc to the metal. I’m using Sheetcam and I don’t know if there is a setting in Sheetcam or Firecontrol that would keep the cutter from firing. I’m “trying” to cut 16 gauge metal @ 30 amps @ 50 psi. I’m using the cnc port, div output, and have the THC. I’m not well versed on cut height, pierce height, etc. I don’t know where to go or what to try. Thanks for your help!

First thing is to up the air to 55psi flow (switch in set). Pins 1 and 2 are for trigger, 5 and 7 are THC. If the torch fires with the trigger on the torch then its something in the settings.

I was a novice also…less than a year ago…now I am a novice with some information…what I found made a huge difference is searching the forum to help what you are looking for.

you set pierce height…pierce delay…and cut height in sheetcam when you create a tool…as well as your inches per minute…IPM…

also go through the tutorials in this link on youtube…you will learn a lot from them on Sheetcam
you will learn more and faster reading and playing the tutorials…

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its actually 4 & 6 for THC unless I’ve been using it wrong all this time… lol

Pierce height .15, cut height .06 and ipm i have set to 120 for 16g.

set the psi on the front of the cutter to 60 then press the air test toggle and you’ll notice the psi drop around 5psi. that’ll be your cutting psi.

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4 and 6 is 50 to 1, 5 and 7 is RAV