Primeweld cut 60 on CF pro ( newbe)

I am a new user. i have a couple questions for the experienced users with this setup.

  1. do you use the hand torch or the machine torch?
  2. what dryer setup are you using? I have seen way too many and am questioning myself.
  3. does the software in this system adjust the amp setting on this unit or do i do it manually?
  4. is the cut60 plug and play with this system ( meaning, just hook up cables to machine and its ready)?
    my table should be here in about 2 weeks so i am trying to get a head start on it.

thank you all in advance, like i said i am brand new to this so any help would be appreciated.

I’ll try to answer your question since I have a Cut 60 and CF Pro.

  1. I started out with hand torch, but ordered and am using the TECMO machine torch. Hand torch is fine you just have to watch to make sure it stays aligned well so you don’t get tapered cuts. As much as anything, I still wanted to have the hand torch free for other duties.

  2. Many varieties as you have discovered. There are other threads, but here is one:

Air Drying Systems - CrossFire ® - Langmuir Systems Forum

My system is pretty typical. Not visible is another separator and a desiccant bead cylinder.

  1. Manual adjust

  2. Not plug and play. You need to do some soldering and possibly tap the raw voltage for the torch feed. Earlier model Cut 60, most tap raw. Primeweld says it’s not necessary on newer models, but smart money is tap raw voltage and be done with it. Seems the voltage fluctuation coming form the PW is maybe more than LS controller is designed for accepting.


@Bobby welcome to the group!

Ditto @Wsidr1

  1. I am still using the hand torch. I have the machine torch but haven’t had the time to install it yet. Definatley see the benefits of having the machine torch just need to make time to install it. I printed the mount that @ds690 designed and made available on thingaverse. In my opinion it’s better then the Langmuir mount.

  2. This one is more dependent on climate then the cutter you are using. @Wsidr1 has a much better setup then I do. Search air drying on the forum and find the solution that meets your individual needs. I would only point out to pay attention to the losses you are adding to the system. The biggest culprit to air flow loss is fittings… quick connects are the biggest offender. If you have to use them I’d use 1/2” minimum.

  3. Ditto what Wsidr1 said above you set it in the front of your plasma cutter.

  4. Ditto what Wsidr1 said above you Have to do some soldering at the plug provided by Primeweld.

I suggest hooking to the RAW voltage inside the machine for the THC. @nicaDd has a post that illustrates how to do this. I think he is successfully using the CNC port for both.

Congrats on the purchase! Looking forward to seeing what you create!


you use the HF dryer? how do you like it?

I just installed it a few weeks ago and our humidity is still low enough to not really utilize it. However, I bought it after seeing numerous endorsements on this site.

Its fairly quiet and easy to hook up. It doesn’t come with a power cord, but that takes about 10 minutes to install. The smart people on this site recommend putting it after your cooling components so it’s the most effective it can be. Lower temps in ensure operating within the “sweet spot” for the system.

There were some reviews on HF website about units arriving with damage. The packaging was very light, but mine came in fine.

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