Air Drying Systems

Looking to see what some of you folks are running for air drying systems for you plasma cutter.

I don’t have the cash for $1000 dehumidifier.Look for some budget based,but effective solutions.

Running a crossfire table with a Razorweld 45

Im using a filter desicant dryer from harbor freight. Works ok for a few hours then beads need changing or reactivating.

Planning on installing an intercooler on the compressor when i get time.

There are many post on this topic just use the search in the top right of this page. (magnifying glass)

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You might give this link a try:

Air dryer requirements

For over a year, my primary water clearing was to have an electronic drain on the compressor tank. It would open for one second, four times per day. I had multiple water traps but they never caught anything. But, something I learned is that if the air is too warm [and it will be warm coming out of the compressor], the water traps do not work. You have to cool the air down before they work.

If you really want to dry the air and you are having issues, what @Midnight_machinist suggests will tell you where you are at with moisture. Recharging the desiccant beads are the most economical you can get but it will take extra time and effort. But…it will give you time to evaluate your situation without plunging a lot of money into it.


it is followed by a 1 quart desiccant dryer and a motorguard filter


This is one of those “if I had cojones I’d do that to save floorspace” but I don’t have ones that big :laughing: So I’m wasting a lot of upper wall space (ceilings are 10 ft).


I would almpst kill to have that kind of ceiling height…
I used my motor hoist crane with a home made extension to reach up there…but each bracket I made I load tested for almost 500lbs…my buddy and I hung off one at a time…so each tank is held up with brackets able to hold up close to 1,000lbs…

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You and your buddy weighed close to 1000lbs!
Is your buddy an elephant or hippopotamus?


you funny guy

I literally broke out laughing at this comment. But I factored in what Glen was saying, so I understand.

And Glen, I saw that stuff up that high and said, “Oh mercy…that is a high lift.” I had wondered how you did it. Now I understand. I love custom “brackets”!!! You can’t beat it.

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motorgaurd filter right before the cutter best bang for the buck. all is good but for less than $100 it is a no brainer but you need to at least have some basic filters first to take out the easy stuff.