Primeweld Cut 60 for XR ( Solved)


I’m trying to set up my Primeweld for my XR and want to make sure I do this right, has anyone done the wiring before?

I wired the THC for my Primweld Cut60 and original crossfire a few months back using this video:

Wiring has to be the same regardless of which table you have.


Thank you sir!!

So i followed the directions (or least i thought i did) and when i started a cut, its not cutting, i hear it trigger though. any reason why?

Double check the wires to verify the pins you soldered. I used divided voltage even though I have a Cut60 from late 2021 with connector in lower right (?not staring at it but from memory), but it has performed flawlessly using an unplugged laptop while running Firecontrol.

I presume since you’re on an XR, you are using a machine torch. The wiring doesn’t change, just that with a hand torch you can always verify if the torch is firing by using the trigger and not the software.

Did you do any heat shrink to keep all the connections from arcing or touching?

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I did pins 1 & 2 for the torch on/off which im curious if they are polarity sensitive, and pins 4 & 6 (red being pin 4 per the youtube video). I also used the Primeweld manual with the pinouts

and yes i did shrink wrap on all pins to prevent arcing.


I figured out the problem, looks like my cord to the air compressor went loose, after plugging it in, it works like a charm.


Pins 1 and 2 are interchangeable.


Air compressor’s should not be run on a extension cord. They should be hard wired to the breaker box. Unless its a small low HP 120 / 240 volt 20 amp unit. If it is you will need to upgrade it if you plan on doing large projects on your table.


Can you send me a picture of your set-up, i’m making upgrades to my shop daily and want to do it the right way (I’m inheriting a portion of a old shop).

My compressor is not in the shop, its in a little room on the back. Also I do not have a CNC table any longer as I sold it when I moved to were I am now.