Primeweld cut 60 cnc pinout

I bought the prime weld cut 60 CNC to use with my crossfire I wired in pin 1 and 2 on the CNC port to the pins for the crossfire The program will cycle on the custom part I created but the plasma wont shut off and will not complete the part. However when I hold the torch separate from the table and cycle the program the gantry moves through the complete cut the torch fires and shuts off however intermittently and not at the right times… If it were connected to the table it would not cut the part out it would only put a couple holes… Any help would be great I’d like to finally use my table

are you running 120 or 240 volts? what cut settings are you using?

I also have one and haven’t had any issues other than user error.

I’m absolutely certain it’s user error …I’d have to go back and look at all the cut settings I followed along with the video the best I could pausing in modifying it to what I was cutting I’m also using 240v It be nice to have a known good file that I could just plug in to test on a piece of quarter inch plate…

You could try the code @Mike_C provided in Test cut program to find the ideal cutting speed (use the second version included partway down, it is more complete). Tweak the values to match what you’d expect for your material and give it a go. You’ll test your setup and determine the correct parameters for cutting that material.

Thanks That’s the plan for this weekend