Primeweld Cut 60 Availability?

Anyone know where to get one of these right now? Seem to be oos everywhere. New model coming out? Problems with the unit? Wonder why they are scarce.

Because they sell out so fast they can’t keep them in stock.

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That’s a good sign of a good machine I guess

I’m using the primeweld 60 in my pro table. Cutter works well, but the support from George and the company are phenomenal! I had an issue, called George on the weekend no less, had a new machine in 3 days! Bought some cheap consumables off ebay and they didn’t last a full sheet of cutting. Ordered some OEM replacements from George and getting much better life out of them.

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If you go to the Primeweld website you can sign up for an email notification when they’re back in stock.
Also, if you sign up for their email list you can get $25 off.
I did this and ordered directly from them. Shipping was free and no sales tax was charged on my order to NY.

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Thanks. I’m on the wait list. Hear it may come back in stock here soon. Can’t wait. Looking at the 60 and mig180 as well.


I so want their TIG225X :heart_eyes::beers: