Primeweld 60 or table issue

I just purchased a new primeweld cut60 with the CNC port on the back, top right. I’m having an issue I had with my 20+ year old plamsa hooked up to the Crossfire with the XL package.

Here’s the issue.
When I turn the plasma cutter on it starts the arc right away, no control over turning it on/off with crossfire. I have the wires connected to pin 1 & 2, I’ve tried reversing it, and nothing changes.
It’s on 2T setting.

Since this is the 2nd Plasma cutter with this same issue I’m starting to think it’s the Langmuir itself with no being able to control on/off.
Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Sounds like stuck relay switch. Are you confident with a meter?

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Yes, where do I need to poke?

Un hook the torch fire at the plasma and check for continuity. Would say relay switch is stuck closed.

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So the Torch on/off wires coming out of the CNC have continuity right when it’s powered up, they shouldn’t until I start a cut or manual fire the torch on FireControl right?

That is right. If there is continuity then the relay is stuck closed.


Thanks for your help, I put in a ticket for technical support, hopefully they can send a new part.

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try unplugging the relay, then turn on the control box. does it still fire on its own? if not then it’s 100% the relay.

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Does not fire with the relay unplugged. Langmuir is sending me a new board and relay. Hopefully I can finally use this machine after owning it for a few years. Thanks again

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