Prime weld cut 60 random no fire

Has anyone had problems running the prime weld cut 60 on a crossfire table. I have my cnc plug soldered in and have my settings dialed in. I’m getting good cuts with practically no dross on the bottom of parts. I am randomly getting a few non fires throughout a program. Most of the part will pierce and cut as it should but every once In a while the torch will not fire at all. No errors and as soon as it goes to the next pierce it pierces fine. I have never had it miss two pierces in a row.

You may want to try a little more pierce delay time and see if that helps.

Yeah I doubled the pierce delay from . 5 to 1 seconds and it was too long but still had the issue. I had someone mention the air pressure being to low causing thier cut 60 to do this. I had it set as per book settings, I’m gonna bump it up about 5 to 10 psi and see if that fixes it.

Remember, specs for air pressure are as measured at the plasma unit not at the compressor. You’ll often loose 10psi in a normal rubber hose run from the compressor to the plasma. It’s not a bad idea to have a regulator you can adjust as the last thing before connecting to the plasma.

On the prime weld cut 60 it actually has a purge button on it and a guage on the front so you can set the air pressure accurately but I’m gonna try to bump it up some and try it. Thanks for the input.

Air must stay above 55psi when cutting and post flow must be 10 seconds or more.

Update on this with no progress. I set the air pressure to 70 psi and it is holding that while cutting never drops now but still randomly getting the same problem. Anyone else know of anything to check?

you shouldn’t have to go that high on psi unless you’re cutting thick stuff. how do the consumables look? have you tried swapping in new electrode and tip?

Try lightly greasing the piston. I had an issue where my machine torch would not fire during post flow because the torch could not return to pilot position against the stiction and air pressure. Helped a bit.

Ok just an update for the record, none of the other stuff fixed the problem. I uninstalled fire control then reinstalled and I have not had it happen again. It appears to have been on the computer side.

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