Prime Weld Cut 60 comparability with the new Cross Fire Pro

I have the Prime Weld Cut 60 and have pre-ordered the new Cross Fire Pro. Will there be any issues with comparability when using that torch ??

Any Help would be appreciated.


Welcome, The Primeweld 60 will work fine with the new Pro


Thank you for the reply I ordered the crossfire pro it should be shipped sometime in the spring.

I am looking forward to see how well the cut 60 does with this table…

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I would upgrade to a machine torch. It makes things a lot easier, changing consumables, setting it up square, etc.

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I will get in touch with you about getting the machine torch close to April that is when the machine I ordered is suppose to ship.
Hope you had a great holiday.

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Do you recommend a specific machine torch that would be compatible with the Prime Weld plasma cutters?

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Yes, the PTM60 that way you can use the same consumables for both torch’s.


@mechanic416 do you think you’ll have Tecmo PTM60 machine torches again soon, or will it be a while? I didn’t see them in your ebay store.

I bought the Primeweld Cut60 about 6 weeks ago, and I’ve quickly decided I could make room for the Crossfire Pro. So far I’ve enjoyed the Cut60, it’s been flawless.

I have the machine torch but have not installed it yet but the hand torch works fine until I get the machine torch installed

PTM60 machine torch’s should be here about the 3rd week of August, consumables will all be back in stock about Wednesday.



Now I just need to hope for a little cell coverage at the campground next week. Is there a way to buy from you over email or phone so ebay doesn’t take a cut? I see your contact info on your site but no mention of sales anywhere but eBay.

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Yes you can, just email me.

thanks lots