PriceCNC AVHC10 THC compatability

Hey peeps. Ive managed to pick up a crossfire xl here in Aus. I have it working fine but im really wanting to test this new PriceCNC thc thats just sitting here. Im just wondering if anyone has had anything to do with them. They are pretty expensive at around 500aud. In there instructions they install it to the cheap printer port breakout board. My table has had the board changed to the cheap 100khz usb board (i still have the original board and they look the sasme bar the colour. Im about to start installing the endpoints and Z axis. i know this table is only small but i really want to try this unit out before it goes on my large unit.

BTW love the amount of info here. Im pleased to see some very handy people doing the mods on this good little table.


I don’t know anything about that controller, but it looks like it’s pretty well documented in:

Hey mate cheers for the reply. it is well documented but just not on the board langmuir use. i wasnt sure if the usb board would behave in a similar way to the printer port breakout board.


Hmmmm, I need to look at that site again. I thought he was using the USB controller.

However, having said that, the THC loop (when used with a module like THC3T-02) uses real time signals between sensing the Plasma voltage and driving the Z stepper. The Mach 3 interface is only for on/off control so converting to the USB control board should be nothing more than figuring out which pins to hook up to.

I can help to some degree, but I think you’ll have to rely on sites that have used that particular THC controller to understand it and its tuning.

How’s the heat down your way? I haven’t been tracking that lately.

yeah no worries mate. ill keep playing with it. cutting 1.1mm tin is not easy without thc.
Im still prototyping the big table design. im also lost on what motors (ac sero or nem34) but thats a post for another group haha

Its very humid in Queensland. good day to be in the A/C haha.