Price Check please aisle 5

Thanks. I’ve been doing pickups at onlinemetals in Wallingford $1/lb for their steel cutoffs.

Nice, do you order the cutoffs online or do you show up in person and see what they have? i didn’t see a section on their website for cutoffs…

I order online but pick the cutoffs when I pick it up.

They call it a protobox. They will pick it for you and it’s a mix - but you can specify in the order contents that you want to choose when you pick up and they take you back with a wheelie cart to the cutoff bin.

I buy drops of hot rolled for .50/lb and 2/lb for aluminum … i think stainless is 2/lb too but my metal shop has so many drops its like a dream… i called another place they said a sheet of 4x8’ 16g sheered into 2x4’s cost around 130.

I live 20 minutes north of Memphis tn and I just got 2 sheets 4’ x 8’ of 12ga. and paid $88.00 per sheet

2x4 sheets of 14ga for approx $15 a piece. It’s nice that they have that size as an “in stock” piece and I don’t get charged to shear down a while sheet

I want some! lol that’s hell of a good price!

My local place as a “bone yard” out back where I can get the cut offs from the oil field stuff. The companies will buy full sheets of mild steel then have the supplier cut them off in massive quantities so there is almost always a huge stack of around 2’ x 4’ sheets just sitting outside ( you do really have to pay attention to where they were cut for square), but they charge me .45 cents per pound for anything out of the “bone yard”. I usually pick up the biggest 11g sheet they have there wether I need it or not. I use it for almost everything.


Wow. That’s awesome.

I picked up a bunch of stuff from onlinemetals this week. And a “box” of cutoffs. A lot of different sized pieces - I bought 20lbs but got 50. I cleaned out all the large pieces (as big as 2’x3’) and really did fill a box of smaller 8x10" and 10"x all sorts of lengths.

Good for small projects or parts & pieces without making skeletons out of large sheets.

Not sure if this thread is still alive…I guess it is now :slight_smile:

Hot Roll 16g 4x8 (48x96) $60 (approx cost per lb = 0.75 / per sq ft: $1.88)
Hot Roll 14g 4x8 (48x96) $75 (approx cost per lb = 0.75 / per sq ft: $2.34)
Hot Roll 11g 4x8 (48x96) $104 (approx cost per lb = 0.65 / per sq ft: $3.25)

Dec 2020 / Birmingham, AL

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$1.00 lb for remnants of regular steel in bakersfield california

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I picked up a 4x8 sheet of 14ga in Tullahoma, TN for $80.78 tax included. $73.75 for 16ga and $101.85 for 1/8"

I live in Newfoundland, Canada. i buy a 4x8 sheet of 16 ga for $100, a 4x8 sheet of 1/8 is $165 and a sheet of 3/16 is $240.

Canadian dollars

hot rolled plate

3/8" $12.66 sqft
11GA (0.1196) $4.15 sqft
14GA (0.0747) $3.73 sqft
16GA (0.0598) $3.16 sqft

Delivered from Nashville TN
12 sheets 48x120 p&o 14 g $80 per

3 months ago it was $49 a sheet ouch!

April 2020 NE TN, from Ryerson in Pounding mills VA

4 pc 16 ga HR 48x96 (sheared into 8 pc 48 x 48 in delivered to my work on a pallet) just loaded onto my truck, and unloaded individual sheets at my house

$218.50 taxes, shearing and delivery

So $54.63 each sheet

Old thread, but just updating since the trend in my area is good news.

I just started cutting in Nov 22. I had some 16 gauge from a welding project back in 2021. Love cutting 16 gauge, but for a strictly hobby guy, it was cost prohibitive. So, I’ve been cutting all 18 gauge since that sheet was used up.

Now, based on the fact I am selling a few of my signs to recoup material costs, and the fact that steel prices are down in my area, I am going to cut at least some stuff from 16 ga again!

These are either 4’ x 8’ or 4’ x 10’ sheets.

Steel Prices

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Around $60 for a 4x8 sheet of 16ga steel in middle Michigan when i purchased a few months ago. I normally buy 5 and try to get a bigger discount. I cut them down with new Dewalt cutter. I know I can do it on the table but this is much easier for me. Mark them into 1/3 sheets on the ground and cut like butter.

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Man, that’s a good price for 16 ga. If it get’s that low here, I’ll turn my back on 18 ga!

I’ve been cutting mine down with a hand torch, but your method would be easier. I have some shears, but don’t think they’d cut 16 ga.

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I tried some $50 shears that said they would cut 16ga but it burned up quick. This dewalt is nice. I save all the curly metal from the cut so I can use for other yard art projects.

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