Price Check please aisle 5

Could we get some prices listed here for various steel prices?
Make sure you list your area of the country you are and quantity you are buying. If you are buying online and havin it shipped ups that won’t be helpful.
I’m looking for commercial accunts buying quantity.

I’m trying to get a handle on good pricing from suppliers.
Example what are you paying for
48x96 p&o sheet 14 gauge
12 guage 16 guage etc.

I’m in central TN is $95 good for a sheet of 14 guage?

I miss Fazios in South Jersey :weary:

You’ll probably want size as well. No clue how big your $95 piece of steel is which might make it super expensive or cheap.

I’m in the Atlanta area and pay +/- $1.00 per pound for mild steel sheets or shapes from Industrial Metal Supply (IMS) (Infra Metal)

Im in north central Missouri. I just got 2 4x8 16 g sheared into 2x2 for a total of $130 . Last 14g was Around $100 for a 4x10 cut into 2x2 ( dont quote me on the 14g i dont see the receit on it at the moment). I asked what a 4x8 16 g weighs he said 80 lbs.? dono. I might add it was $15 a sheet to shear it into 2x2.

James sorry you didn’t understand
I’m paying $95 for a hr 4x8 14 guage p&o

In CT, I can’t get 4x8 - my supplier does 4x10.

Cold rolled 360 mild steel in 14ga is 68 for 3x4 or 193 for 4x10.

Hot rolled is 3x4 for 58 or 4x10 for 164.

P&O isn’t available.

If I’m okay with random sizes, it’s $10/lb for cutoffs (I get to pick the cuts so I can get couple foot pieces).

Buying drops and scraps myself from a local shop. Right around a $1.00 a lb

Some of the drops are almost full sheets. I just roll a cart over and pick what I want. They weight it out split steel, stainless and aluminium.

The asked if I need a receipt I said no. I always pay cash and give them a little more than they ask for. They have become very accommodating. I treat them like a bartender that takes care of me.

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That’s what I do when I’m not needing a guaranteed size. Stainless is included in the $1/lb steel price but Aluminum is $2/lb.

Good guys - they like selling 5/10/20 lbs increments and they are very generous with how much 10lbs can weigh :grinning:

My local supplier is selling me drops for .30/pound.

There usual rate is 50 cents a pound but I’ve spent alot of money with them through the years and they’re willing to cut me a deal. Best part…the drops are almost all perfect 2’×2’ and they have an almost unlimited supply of them since they’re the waste from a contract job they have…they said I’d cry if I knew how many of those pieces have ended up in the scrap trailer.

Wow. What kind of supplier are they? I use onlinemetals because it’s convenient but maybe I should do some more digging.

It’s just a small town metal fabrication shop called Mark’s Welding. They sell metal, welding supplies, hardware, trailer supplies, etc…as well as build trailer frames, do farm implement repairs and all sorts of other fabrication

It’s only about a mile from my house too which is pretty convenient.

Good to know. There are a few of those around me. I’ll take a look. Love to be able to do that - would give the laser a run for its money in terms of prototyping affordability.

The Bargain Barn at Logan Steel in Meriden, CT sells Steel for $1.50/lb and i think Aluminum for $5/lb. Its mostly cutoffs but there are also all different sizes of larger sheet and structural tubing, I beams, rod, and channel there. Very large selection. That’s where i get all my steel for projects

Thanks. I’ve been doing pickups at onlinemetals in Wallingford $1/lb for their steel cutoffs.

Nice, do you order the cutoffs online or do you show up in person and see what they have? i didn’t see a section on their website for cutoffs…

I order online but pick the cutoffs when I pick it up.

They call it a protobox. They will pick it for you and it’s a mix - but you can specify in the order contents that you want to choose when you pick up and they take you back with a wheelie cart to the cutoff bin.

I buy drops of hot rolled for .50/lb and 2/lb for aluminum … i think stainless is 2/lb too but my metal shop has so many drops its like a dream… i called another place they said a sheet of 4x8’ 16g sheered into 2x4’s cost around 130.

I live 20 minutes north of Memphis tn and I just got 2 sheets 4’ x 8’ of 12ga. and paid $88.00 per sheet

2x4 sheets of 14ga for approx $15 a piece. It’s nice that they have that size as an “in stock” piece and I don’t get charged to shear down a while sheet

I want some! lol that’s hell of a good price!