Previewing fonts in fusion the easy way

Is there a easy way to preview fonts in fusion?

The way I do it now is, I insert the text I am going to use and pick a font and select it to see what my text will look like.
If I don’t like it I have to go back to the drop down and pick another which is very slow.
I know the drop down shows the name of the font in the style of the font but I am trying to see the text I am using which is numbers.

I don’t even see way in windows to do this, I do see sites where you can download fonts that has a box you can enter your text and then see what it looks like in each font.

If I could just scroll through the fonts and have them change in fusion with out having to click and close out the box would be great but I don’t see a way to do that.

Any Ideas people?

I agree, it would be nice if Fusion provided this function. I was able to do it from within Word. (Type the text, highlight, then select the Font dropdown and arrow / scroll down the list.) Wordpad and Libre Write (open office Word) did not.

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The power of the mighty mouse wheel!

  1. Try entering a word or number
  2. click on Font dropdown
  3. scroll with mouse wheel


I dont think I would have ever tried that, that works so much better.
For anyone reading this Just put your text in the box like normal and put your mouse pointer on the drop down and scroll your mouse wheel. Your text will change to what ever font you scroll on.

Thank you


Don’s the man!

By the way, I’m still chuckling you used “fusion” and “easy way” in the title of your thread :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Just kidding, I’m a F360 fanboi at heart. Just that it seems a bit like an adventure learning it.



Yes that’s kind of a oxymoron isn’t it?:joy:

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I found this by accident yesterday, ( Like most things in Fusion )…