Powers On Motors are Not Moving

Crossfire was working fine one day.
Today I was excited to cut some steel and fired up the system. . .

Indicator lights came on.
FireControl booted up.
My .nc program loaded up.

Went to jog the nozzle…nothing.

Restarted and Rebooted everything a zillion times.

Searched the forum a bit and saw a similar problem indicating that the 36 volts are not getting to the motors.

I can manually turn the screw drives (just a little resistance).

Do I need a new power supply sent to me?

What else can I do???

I have 4 days off from my day job and wanted to cut a bunch. Murphy’s Law strikes again. . .

I would appreciate any help you smart people could provide.

Test the output from the power supply in the electronics enclosure. The DC + and - terminal should be obvious. I think the standard Crossfire uses 24v DC.

If you’re getting low voltage, you can try to turn up the pot to increase the voltage output. It should look like a Phillips head screw near the output terminals.

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Did you turn the power on, on the enclosure? FireControl may act like it is live with just the USB cable plugged in…I think?! Is that right David?

Yes, @ChelanJim all of that would be on with the control board plugged into the computer via the USB. The control board gets power from the USB. The motors get their power from the power supply.

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Took cover off to make sure.

AC in meters at 120v

USB is powering the board. Green light and Flashing data amber light going.

Can you do a screen shot of FireControl?

If you have Windows, you could use the snippet tool.
You can activate it by CTRL SHIFT S
Or perhaps print screen: PrtScn. (You may not see anything happen but go to a photo program and do CTRL V, and it should paste the image.)

It does sound more like what David said: not enough voltage getting to the motors but I would expect some sound. When the power is on, it takes considerable effort to move the shafts of the motors. When the power is off, they move slowly but with only mild resistance.

How long has it been since you last, successfully used the machine and actually cut a file?

Do you have limit switches? And, is there a chance that one of them is pressed?

And you might try to push the driver, perhaps it is corrupted:


The power to the motors comes from the DC power supply inside the control box. It is probably a silver box with a bunch of holes in it. There should be screw terminals on one end with AC input and DC output terminals. You need to measure the power output at the DC output terminals.

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Screenshot 2023-11-13 at 1.08.57 PM
Sorry for ghosting…I had an out-of-town job with no internet.

After metering around and a little if / then work. . . I decided to pop open the magical silver box (power supply). Looks like a blown fuse.

I ordered some up and will hope for an easy fix this week.

Thanks to everyone for all of your insight and help.

I am an old guy that is a little hesitant with technology stuff, so this is all a new world to me.


you’ve done more self diagnoses than most of these users i’ve seen around here. :rofl:

hopefully that’ll fix your problems.



Simple fix. It was indeed the 250v fuse that blew.

After 698 micro screws and getting into the power supply case, the fix was very simple.

Any idea why Langmuir chose to go with a solder-in fuse instead of a removable fuse slot?
Maybe I am the only one that blows them up???

I included a picture of a corner brace for an exterior metal fence that I am working on. It was the first think I cut as soon as the machine was up and running.

Thanks again for everyone’s help. I am sure I will be back here again soon enough. . . .



Langmuir doesn’t make the DC power supply. It’s just an off the shelf power supply that you can buy for around $30.

Glad you got it figured out and fixed.

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I looked at the pic and said “why is that butt straight up and down?”…

Then I read it is a corner brace and I think where is the ninety? :thinking:

I am an idiot. :woozy_face:

That is a very cool corner brace. How big is it?