Powermax 45 Pierce Delay Settings

I’m trying to summarize multiple conversations from across this forum. What is the definitive word on pierce delay settings for HT users? Use the data from the HT manual or is LS recommending longer delay times? What are HT users seeing with regards to cut quality and effect on consumables?

Here is how we recommend setting pierce delay for ALL plasma cutters, not just the Hypertherms:

  1. Set the pierce delay for 1 second in your program
  2. Start program and check to see if your pierces are too short. If motion starts before pierce through, use the pierce delay override in fire control to increase the delay until it is long enough to ensure pierce through before motion. If the pierce is excessively long, use the pierce delay override to reduce it until its not.

After a while, you’ll have knowledge of what type of delay you need. When i run the machine, i always set it long and tune it in with the ovveride function.


Thank you. I’ll give that a go. First cuts on A36 were near perfect, aluminum not so much.

I just got a Hypertherm 45XP. I have the CPC port and THC control on a crossfire pro. I purchased the wiring kit Langmuir sales for the Hypertherm CPC port. I turned my 15 degree hand torch into a machine torch by moving the #6 and #8 pin. I have been cutting 16 guage metal at what the book recommends. .1 second peirce delay, 249 in/min cut speed at 45 amps. Works perfect. I switched from an Everlast to a Hypertherm. I was mentally prepared to have a longer pierce delay even though the guide said to use .1. Go ahead and do what langmuir is recommending if you are not having good results with what Hpertherm reccomends.

Hypertherm reccomendations;

Convert hand torch to machine;