Power supply mount

my plasma cutter was on a cart and I was having a hell of a time with the cables and all plus hated losing the floor space so I put this together on Sunday. the only things I used the cutter for were the top tray and the brackets. Pretty happy with it. I oversized the tray just a little and only bent the front and back. mainly because my press brake is only 12" long. :wink:

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Water will splash all over that unless you’re always cutting 12 inches away from the edge of the table.

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Well it is far better than having all those cables running from the table to another device and everything is in one unit now, it is actually mostly under the table and if that becomes an issue it is easy fixed with a tiny cover.

I double checked. Your wrong

I know better but I’ll bite anyway. What am I wrong about? That water will splash on your plasma cutter?

Call me crazy, but I’m just basing my assessment off a few years of running a crossfire pro and getting water all over the place. Including, under my table, where I used to have my control box and plasma cutter until I moved them.

But you clearly have some use into your table, maybe you’ve just been lucky or don’t run a full water table. Either way, good luck to you.


Hmm, odd, I don’t get water under my table, all round it and on the cross beams, but my control box stays pretty dry as does under the table. I did get water splash on it when it was on the cart near the table. Who knows, I don’t have much air movement, heat the shop with a wood stove so no breeze. Should it become an issue, easy enough to build a 2" drip shield.

I love it, frees up about 6 SQFT of floor space and I don’t have wall space to spare. Also, now I just plug in the 220, the 110 and the air. cleaned up my cables and a lot of mess and aggravation.