Powdercoating question

So I just got the powders in and coated a couple of pieces. This is my very first time doing this but I am extremely impressed so far.

Here’s the question - one of my pieces didn’t get powdered on the other side as well as my other pieces. Can I re-apply powder and cure it again?

image image

yes, they say to scuff the piece with a pad. I have done it without this step and It worked fine.

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Thanks brother. I’ll try and clean it up tomorrow.

You can also warm the part before respraying.

BTW, if you put a rotating hook in your booth & hang the parts from that it makes it easier to get full consistent coverage. I also have a similar hook in the ceiling of my oven so I don’t have to jostle things more than absolutely necessary.

Thanks Jim. I have a hook that I attached a rotating hook to.


I don’t know why my pictures are rotating.

You should really strip the piece and re shoot it if you have already fully baked the part. Powders have a set time and temp that they should be baked out. Typically powder manufacturers do give you some leeway but by baking a color multiple times, it can cause defects such as delamination. I can’t tell you how many pieces I have chemical stripped, outgassed, re sand blasted just because of improper adhesion

Also if you are doing multiple coats such as a color then a clear top, don’t fully cure the base coat. I typically shoot the color, once it gets to 300°, I remove the part, let it cool to about 175*, shoot the top coat, then bake at what ever temp and time the top coat calls for. Only time you fully cure the base coat, is if your shooting a chrome base

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What chemical do you use to strip metal of the powder? This piece is so small I’ll probably just die grind it.

Also, don’t I fully cure everything that is just going to be a single color? Chrome would be cured fully if another color is added?

I haven’t gotten this technical yet and thanks for the help.

That explains it - now I can see the hooks :slightly_smiling_face:

Correct! If it’s just a single coat your shooting, fully cure it. And I just use a aircraft paint stripper. You can buy it from Auto zone. Make sure your wear proper ppe when applying it. It will burn the crap out of your skin. Once stripped I recommend degreasing with simple green, out gassing then sand blast and reshoot

You don’t just re-blast it? I’m using 80 grit glass bead for that. My other go-to media is coal slag. Why bother with the chemical stripping?

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I don’t have a sandblaster. So I’ll do my normal; strip, grind or sand, acetone, tack cloth, cook, powder then cure.

I use aluminum oxide for all my blasting so it doesn’t take off the powder near as fast as stripping does. Maybe the glass bead is a bit more abrasive

Well I tried to scuff the one that didn’t come out so great yesterday and it didn’t come out so great today. On the other hand I did my first Yeti type tumbler today. I’m super impressed with the powder coating and how professional it looks when it’s done.


I made my own stands. It’s a variation of different ones I saw on the Internet. Used the CNC to cut out several metal discs to place on a 3/8” threaded rod. Actually came out pretty good. I don’t see myself doing many tumblers but my wife wanted a couple of them done for Christmas gifts.

The only thing that’s a pain is that when you switch powder colors you have to clean the gun out. Not too much of a headache but just a time killer. I guess you’d have to do the same with spray/air paint as well if you used a gun.

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Do you have a favored brand of stripper for removing your pc to reshoot


I haven’t found a paint stripper that will take the powder coat off. That was going to be my next question. Also, where is a good place to buy powder? From what I’m seeing it’s about $10-18/pound bagged. I bought some to start out with around that price range. This place I bought it from had it to me in three days.

What are you guys doing as far as cleaning your gun out between colors?


I just use “air craft stripper” from Auto zone to strip powder. Typically I turn my regulator to 60 psi, disassemble the tip assembly and blow everything out. Then hook the hose to the gun and squeeze the trigger a few times. As far as where to get powder, I typically buy from prismatic powders or the powder coat store.

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I will stop by today and see if I can find the paint stripper and just re-shoot the parts.

Found it. Hopefully this will take off a single coat off spray enamel.


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