Powder Coating Stainless W/T?

Don’t know if this would be redundant, (thinking it would be as I type this) but has anybody thought of or has powder coated a stainless water table yet?

Getting one soon and was just kicking around the idea…

Mainly for cleanup purposes.

My torchmate water table is mild steel and powder coated. Been holding up fine for 5 years with just water. had to touch up a few places with spray paint but no issues other than that


Sounds good, thank you.
I’d rather paint it now when its still new than later…
I gotta get with you on some new tips for my RW45…

I think i’ll have to save my money and have the aluminum one coated, they will sandblast it before coating anyway. Kinda nice to get the SS version for the later serial owners.

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Powder coating stainless is a waste of money.

You’re better off making it from mild steel if that’s the case.

My grudge with the aluminum water table is if the slats hit the sides it basically risks puncturing a hole in the table.

I’ve veen toying with the idea of making a fully welded frame with a water table just built into it as a permanent tub and powdercoading the whole thing.

I always thought powder coat wont stick to stainless, paint wont stick very well either. Sand blasting the surface helps. powder coat may stick to 17-4, or 4 series stainless, they are magnetic. 3 series like 304,316,308, are not magnetic.

Powder is applied through an electrostatic charge, not magnetism. It adheres to stainless just fine, just like aluminum.

The guy I sold my Crossfire OG to powder coated the stainless tray and it came out really nice and has been holding up just fine. I powder coated my 5x5 mild steel pans and they look great and are super durable.

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Guess I was wrong thanks for info.