Powder Coating Ovens

We are finally going to set up an electric oven powder coating, but we want to invest in an actual powder coating oven. Can you guys add some brands, what is your perfect size box, price, options that are a must and options that would be nice …and pro’s and con’s of the models you purchased. One of the oven companies we found was Creative Coating Solutions. The prices seem really good… ex: 3 x 3 x 6 $2,700 / 4 x 4 x 6 $3,000 and they have optional add on’s like Circulation fan at 150cfm for $350 and window option 8" x 16" for $225. Has anyone used this company before? thanks in advance, Lisa & Andy

I got my gun from Columbia Coatings and I love it but their ovens are probably twice the price. These ovens are reasonably priced. I’ve been looking at ovens for a while now and had not seen this brand. I’d like to have an oven big enough for a truck bumper or a set of wheels.

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I’ve had this link saved in my favorites for a while now, waiting for some free time to get around to it…

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Check out ebay. The seller from Nashville. He has many sizes. I took a chance on him as I could pick it up because he is local.
The oven has been perfect for 4 months. The electric controls are done very well with oversize heat sink and have worked perfect every day for 4 months.
He was shipping many ovens out the day I picked mine up.